Blue Balls

A lot of people ask what the meaning of the term blue ball is. Because there are plenty of theories about it and a lot of them are unexplained to why it occurs. Blue Balls is the condition which appears in a man after he has been sexually aroused for along time or after a sexual intercourse. It is associated with a deep pain when this condition appears, this happens due to the excessive blood flow into the pelvic area and causing a pelvic congestion and stays for some time and eventually flows out.

But when the blood gets logged into the genital for a prolonged period of time it causes pain and the blood turns blue leading to the term Blue Balls.  If the blood doesn’t get released the area remains swollen. The testicles face a lot of discomfort in this condition and sometimes the blood really does not get blue but till men do experience pain and discomfort.

The actual process the blood flow takes is the entire testicles don’t turn blue on the skin does. So the testicles end up looking blue and scaring the person. When there is excessive blood flow it is not only in the penis and the scrotum area but to the entire pelvic region. When the blood is new it appears bright red in color but when it turns old it becomes blue. Because the blood has been logged into the testicles and under the shaft for a long time it automatically turns blue due to this.

Many men used to use this and are a pretext to have sex and they would complain that they are experiencing the blue ball syndrome and are in a lot of pain and if they have sex it would soon be ok. But they way out of it could be masturbation too and there is no need for girls and women to get emotionally black mailed into having sex when they are not up to it.

Blue balls are not harmful to the genitals in any way and it is as common as erection. It is just a malfunction which gets rectified on its own.  But if the blue balls condition lasts for a prolonged period of time, or for days than you should probably see a physician. But this happens very rarely. The word blue in the phrase blue balls is actually a slang word which directly is referred to the pain in the testicles.  The pain which occurs in conditions where the blood fills the vessels and does not get dissipated and because of the pain experienced the term is used as slang. A result of frustration rather than a naming convention to explain the syndromes.

The blue ball condition is associated with a discerning pain which is deep but not severe. It is more of a nagging kind of pain like the ones you experience deep to your bones when you are out in the cold or if you touch something very cold like ice for example for a long time then you get this deep ache. The blue balls are similar to Â  this because it is in a bigger area and is concentrated in a much sensitive part of the body the pain experienced is rather annoying.

Whenever a man gets sexually aroused the arteries carrying blood to the pelvic region usually get enlarged and this is a regular process which is followed by the body. But in cases where the man in sexually aroused and is not having sex at that time or either masturbating, the enlarged arteries get into the genital area but do not find a release because the man is not having sex and they just get logged in the pelvic area. Other wise the vein in the genital area are quite constricted and they are not swollen.

They increase in size only when the enlarged arteries pump blood in excess. So the blood flow is uneven in this case and the blood gets trapped in the genitals not finding an exit.  As a result of this the penis also gets erect and becomes a bit engorged.  This entire process is called vasocongestion and during this process the testicles become engorged by a size increase of at least 25 percent and sometimes even 50 percent.

If the male ends up having sex or ejaculates through masturbation then the blood gets released and the testicles, penis return to the normal size pretty soon because the excess blood is released and the veins and arteries retain their normal state. If a man is not having se while sexually aroused then it is best to masturbate to avoid the blue balls syndrome.

In case the man does not ejaculate then he would still have a heavy feeling and would experience pain and discomfort in the pelvic area and thus getting a blue tinge all over the pelvic area.

Even women experience this kind of conditions in the pelvic area and they also experience pain in their genitals if they do not reach orgasm. This is called the pink ovaries syndrome in women. There are cases where sometimes men and women delay the ejaculation or the orgasm wontedly so that they can get more sexual pleasure. These sometimes in men could cause the blue ball syndrome even after ejaculating. These are some typical cases and should be treated case by case.

Because it is dependant totally on what the individual did while having sex.  Because even while having sex there is an excessive blood flow in the pelvic region and the sexually aroused feeling is more while having sex. So if the man delays the ejaculation he is also delaying the release of blood in the pelvic zone while the pelvic zone has been collecting the blood and is not finding the release, but when the sexual activity does reach a climax there may be more blood collected in the pelvic area than the activity demands.

This blood gets logged into the scrotum and testicles and turns blue, also causes swelling even after ejaculation. This remains hurtful and typically this kind pf blue ball condition could typically last longer than other common times. Masturbation once or twice later might be helpful in these cases. But men do complain a lot that it hurts to masturbate while having blue balls.

The best treatment suggested for the blue ball syndrome is an orgasm or an ejaculation. Because the ejaculation will release a lot of energy from the nervous system and there would be more blood flow in the pelvic area thus flushing out the older blood and immediately relieving the icy cold feeling.  Physicians say that the pain caused due to the blue ball syndrome usually settles down in an hour or could last up to 3 hours.

It is also suggested that by simply lying down flat on your back could relieve the pain associated with blue balls. Some doctors suggest a cold showers and also putting an ice pack on the pelvic region could help. Sometimes gym activities ad exercise can provide relief to the sufferer and the only medication available for this kind of pain is pseudophedrine.  It helps ease the pain quickly by acting on the clogged blood. Analgesics are not known to help in these conditions.

The best possible remedy is however masturbating until the man reaches climax. Unfortunately women have to rely on sex and ice packs or medications. But lying down or a cold shower helps them equally. But at the same time women do not experience as much pain as the men do and it is easier on them. But if the blue ball syndrome in men lasts for more than 2 days then they should take it more seriously and see a doctor immediately. These cases should not be ignored simply because the blood has stayed logged in the testicles for too long and they have to immediately ease it out or could turn into an infection.