Penis Size Comparison

It’s typical of men to wonder how their penis size measures up in comparison with other men from different parts of the world.

Unless they have huge unbelievable sizes, normal men do want to know if they are above or below the average penis size in the world.

They even wish to know the size that not only helps with sexual performance but can also be the object of ultimate satisfaction for a woman.

Men in New Orleans Are Bigger

In this scenario, you may not find it surprising to hear about the measuring of penis sizes in a city. Well, all U.S. cities have been ranked by their penis sizes, and the ranking revealed that men from New Orleans have the biggest penises and those from Texas are less endowed.

This revelation may sound a little odd but the fact is that penis size matters to men from all nations. Men from all over the world look at enlarging their penis size, if they think they have not been amply blessed.

Penis enlargement is also referred to as male enhancement by many companies. The techniques involved are aimed at increasing the human penis size, both in length and girth as well as hardness.

What Is The Maximum Penis Size?

But let’s get back to the question of what exactly is considered to be the maximum penis size in the different countries. I’m sure many of you would like to know the answer to this.

There have been several studies performed by well-known doctors around the world, and a combination of all the results helps us arrive at a penis size that is considered average to a particular country.

France stands first with a huge size of 12 cm for a flaccid penis and 16 cm when erect. No wonder there’s so much talk about French men being the best lovers.

Men in Italy seem to be equally good at it with a 10 cm flaccid and 15 cm erect penis. While Venezuela men enjoy a 9.5 flaccid size, their erections are not all that great at 12.5.

But Mexico men have great erections at 14.9 second only to Italy. Other countries with 8 cm or above flaccid size include United States, Japan and Colombia.

Men from Columbia, Greece, Brazil, Japan and Spain also enjoy an erection of 12 cm or above. For some reason, South Korean men are said to be endowed with smaller penises at 6.9 flaccid and 9.6 erect.

Changing The Penis Size Is Not A Problem

This should help men understand where they stand and see if they need help in getting onto the penis enlargement bandwagon.

With so many penis enlargement products out there, changing the size of a penis is no longer as huge a problem as it was previously. With advances in technology, men have a lot of options.

It’s not that a small penis cannot perform, as it can and very well too. Men crave for a bigger penis not only to satisfy their male ego but also to keep their women happy.

A bigger penis can help in offering better satisfaction and every man deserves to feel his best and give his best to the love of his life.