Is there a Height and Penis Size Connection?

In previous articles, we have discussed the relationship between weight and penis enlargement, and I showed that there is no actual connection between the two. The only reason why many overweight men appear to have a small penis is because the fat in the body around the penis has given the penis the appearance that it is actually smaller than it is.

In this article, we will discuss the question of whether or not height itself plays a role in the size of the penis. I should first note that this question is perhaps one of the oldest to be asked in regards to penis enlargement. When you think about it, the question is not actually that absurd.

The reason I say this is because it is natural for us to think that there is a connection between height and penis length, since the body is naturally supposed to be proportional. After all, taller people do have longer legs, but we of course know that this is necessary to support the rest of their body.

For the most part, like the connection between weight and penis size, it is a myth that being taller than average means that you automatically have a large penis. Throughout history, people have attempted all sorts of ways of measuring penis size other than direct observation.

Some have attempted to measure penis size by the size of either the ears or nose, while others have attempted to measure penis size by looking at the length of the hand. The English Journal of Urology published a paper in 2002 in which they conducted a study on men who had feet sizes between eight and thirteen.

Over one hundred men were chosen for the study. What the study found is that there was no connection whatsoever to the size of a man’s foot and the size of his penis.

While the study did not place an emphasis on height, the result would likely be similar, simply because height and foot length are both related to the weight of the bones.

If the penis would be compared to anything, it should be compared to other appendages on the body rather than weight. While the genes of the body that determines penis size are the same that determines the other limbs, no connection has been made between the size of the penis and the other limbs of the body.