Penis Injection Facts

While there are a large number of methods available for penis enlargement today, one of the newest methods is penis injection. One thing which separates penis injection from other methods of penis enlargement is that penis injections are specifically designed to increase the girth of the penis, instead of just the length.

It is logical that if you’re looking to increase the actual volume of your penis, the penis injection method would be something that you will want to look at. It has been said that penis injection can enhance the volume of the penis by as much as 900 percent. However, this method of penis enlargement does not come without its controversies and risks.

When you undergo penis injection treatments, there is a good chance that you could end up becoming disfigured if the injection isn’t done correctly. It is also important for me to note the ingredients that are injected into the penis. Some of the substances that are used in penis injection include collagen, mineral oil, and silicone.

In addition to the penis, these ingredients can also be applied to the scrotum as well. While the penis can become quite large due to these injections, the chances of it becoming disfigured is somewhat high. In addition to this, many of the people who have tried penis injections have said that the side effects are not desirable.

Some of the side effects which come with penis injections includes the reduction of sensitivity in the penis, and the scarring of the penis, which can lead to a disfiguration which is permanent. It should also be noted that a number of men experience bumps around the penis stem where the substance was injected.

It is believed that these are the result of the ingredients collecting under the skin. While the bump may go away with time, there is a good chance that it won’t. It should also be noted that many of the men who have tried penis injections were not able to get an erection due to the lack of blood flow.

This is the reason why penis injections are so controversial. They are quite expensive due to the mechanism and substances which are required for the injection, and the side effects and risks are too high.

If you try a penis injection, and your penis becomes disfigured, it can then become even harder to have sex with a woman, and this can be due to either your inability to penetrate her, or simply because of the disfigurement itself.