The Role of Yohimbe for Penis Enlargement

Due to the fact that many native cultures have used special herbs for centuries to increase their sexual performance, it should come as no surprise that many researchers are looking at herbs as a method for penis enlargement. One of the newest products(from a Western standpoint), to be researched for this purpose is Yohimbe.

The interest in this herb is a result of the fact that many men are looking for penis enlargement methods that are 100% natural. The problem with many penis enlargement products, especially those which are synthetic, is that there is always risks and side effects which are associated with them. Penis injections can lead to terrible deformities, and penis enlargement surgery is both risk and expensive.

Yohimbe is an African tree which has bark that is comprised of a substance called Yohimbine. This substance has caught the attention of many penis enlargement manufacturers, because a number of studies conducted on it have shown that Yohimbine can enlarge the blood vessels which comprise the corpus cavernosa, and once this occurs, the blood can flow faster throughout the body.

This will naturally lead to erections which are both larger and stronger. The men who have used products containing Yohimbe have said that their erections are much larger, because the rapid flow of blood to the tissues of the penis can allow it to expand.

However, even though it is natural, Yohimbine does not come without its own risks. For one, the substance which comprises it will alter both your heart and your vascular system, and it is easy to see why this can be unhealthy.

There are a number of people who are not highly resistant to this effect, and they have to be extremely careful with regards to the amount of Yohimbine they take, because what may be a good amount for one person may be too much for another. Taking the wrong amount of Yohimbine can lead to large blood pressure increases, and the heart rate could increase as well.

It is for this reason that you should always consult your doctor before you start using Yohimbe products. In general, those with a weak heart or high blood pressure should avoid using it altogether, since the side effects could be unhealthy or even dangerous