What You Should Know about Penis Surgery

There is little doubt that penis surgery is one of the most expensive methods available when it comes to enlarging your penis. A number of estimates have indicated that the cost of penis surgery can start at $3,000, and reach as high as $10,000. At these prices, you’d think that penis enlargement surgery would be guaranteed to help you enlarge your penis.

However, if you think this, you’re actually wrong. First off, as far as length is concerned, penis enlargement surgery may only allow you to gain as much as an inch in length. In addition to this, the surgery has a number of complications that can make it a risky endeavor.

Penis enlargement surgery will often cause the tissues of the penis to become scarred. However, I should know that there are different types of penis surgery available on the market, and this is largely due to advances which have been made in technology. One of the newest penis surgery methods to be introduced is called the dermal implant.

Both the length and girth of a penis can be enlarged through taking fat cells from various parts of the body, and placing them in the penis. Because the head of the penis cannot be enlarged, adding these cells to the rest of the penis can give it a shape which is peculiar.

Another problem that comes from the dermal implant is that the cells can actually clump together, and the surface will not be as smooth as it should. Because of  the many problems that come with this type of surgery, most Urologists will not perform it unless the patient has a good reason for doing so.

If you choose to get your penis enlarged using this method, you must be well aware of the potential risks that will come with it. There are a number of complications that can occur even after the operation has been completed successfully.

While many of these complications may be physiological in nature, others are more psychological. Even those who successfully finish the surgery without complications often find that it didn’t give them the size that they wanted.

Whats even worse is the amount of money that they spent, only to find that the results were not that extraordinary. Damage can also occur on the tissues, and there can also be side effects which result from the use of anesthesia.